(From L. Ron Hubbard’s
The Road to Freedom album)

It takes skilled living to survive, for the road of life is rough
And moral fibre, not brute force, is the thing which makes one tough.
But what are the things called morals? We’re told we must not sin
And warned that we must not trespass, but seldom once wherein.

So true, so true,
The way to happiness, it’s the way to happiness
So true, so true,
The way to happiness, it’s the way to happiness

In a slack society, proceeding to decay, it can even become
An amusing thing to casually steal and slay.
But must one do as one’s fellows and go the route to gloom
And say it doesn’t matter if the world becomes a tomb?


There is a way to happiness whatever the rest may say
It takes the bumps out of the road and even paves the way.
If you’d attain survival, there are certain vital rules
That light the darkest highway with lights that shine like jewels.


That is the road to happiness, a moral road it’s true
And happiness and survival are partners with virtue.
So take the road to happiness, it’s offered without fee
And survive my friend in happiness as a favor just to me.


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