My friends told me you were deadly,
I did not believe them then.
The blushing bloom upon your cheeks
Lured and pulled me in.

Coy you were and hard to get,
Eluding my embrace.
But promises, oh promises,
And then at last a taste.

I wound myself about you.
Each kiss I took begged more.
I felt myself a mountain tall,
In heaven I would soar.

And then at last you’d given me
A glut of deadly sin
No matter what I took of you
It could not fill me in.

And then at last there I writhed
Tortured and convulsed
Fever soaring unassuaged
By friends and all repulsed.

I lay in ghastly agony
All joy in life had passed
And you, you whore, you;
You just stood there and laughed.

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