Deep in a forgotten desert
Leagues ’way from the crowded strand
Legends of long dead kingdoms
Lost in desert sand
Legends of mighty nations
Minarets reaching to the sky
Now dust in the hands of Allah
Like the kingdom of Stamboul

* * *

Stamboul! Mightier than Baghdad
Ruled o’er by a godlike shah
Father of a dainty princess
Sweet girl they called Nazah
Toast of the desert chieftains
Coveted by a thousand men
Glory of the pride of Allah
The kingdom of Stamboul

* * *

’Twas nearing Nazah’s sixteenth birthday
Suitors from every land
Merchants and dazzling princes
Came seeking Nazah’s hand
Innocent, with eyes to heaven
Wondering at the courtyard’s blare
Not knowing she was to marry
For the glory of Stamboul

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