O vanderbilt is a hidden reef
Just south of skagway town
Where low tide shows the fatal reef
Its fangs with seaweed brown.

’Twas there in a night of snow and storm
In the year of sad sixteen
The Sofia sank and carried down
Three hundred and eighteen . . .

She strick the reef ere day had come
in the storm where the blizzard howled
she struck and fast on the reef she ran
The wild sea leaped and growled.

Her skipper called her crew to him
and said “my men make ready
I do not think our ship will sink
for the tide is at its eddy.”

Her bosun stern has sailed the seas
for years a score or more
He said, “This ship is doomed sir,
Her hours are less than four”

Her Captain proud he laughed in glee
at the Bosun’s simple warning.
“The tugs are close and free we’ll be
when comes tomorrow morning.”

The bosun shook his head in doubt
and returned unto his duty.
“This sea is fanged with fire tonight
and Gone is summer’s beauty.”


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