Death becks
and whispers slyly
In our ears
“Lie down
“And softly

So easy now this slumber
So quiet now the
Pressures of
A life.

“Come Sleep”
Says death
“And give up strife and striving
“And lie down.

“Then nevermore
“The tiredness to weep
“Not once again.”

Ah death what treachery
thou hast

To lie so softly to
Our weariness.
For hell itself is gained
By giving up.

Each backward step
But takes us nearer to
A brink
Of Fierce Endure
And each back pace
we make
Is but a stride we’ll
have to take
’Gainst the tide again.

How glib
How easy now to purr
“Death is but sleep
“Lie down and rise no more.”

For death and sleep alike
But slide us down a grade
That we
Must climb if we
Would then be free.


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