The engineer’s a hardy man
Who toils amidst the smoke
He works with gas and diesel oil
That’d make an idol choke

He works and slaves from break of day
To make the engines run
And when the rest are fast asleep
His toilsome day is done.

When the waves are rolling high
And the stormy seas go by
The engineer is down below
And smoke is in his eye

His knuckles bruised with broken tools
With wire and with curses
He makes the engine spit and run
And like a mother nurses

Rusted hunks of broken iron
And shattered bits of steel
The engineer’s a handy man
His rust heap turns the wheel

For he’s the daddy of them all
And while the boat’s afloat
He keeps her running day and night
And is the skipper’s goat.

For many ships have sunk at sea
With engineers inside
He keeps his engine running true
For that’s his simple pride


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