Blue, endless sea,
Stretching, lazy, to the horizon,
Wreckage, a floating spar,
A capsized lifeboat,
A life jacket,
Gray fins ripping the water,
gray triangles, searching.

A raft, dipping, swaying,
A man.
Sitting head in hands,
Watching, watching the horizon.
The sun, white hot, spinning.

A blue sky and miles of sea.
Blue endless sea
Stretching to the horizon, forever,
The man, watching.
A gray fin, hoping.

A tiny smudge of black,
Smoke of a steamer.
The man blinks, opens his mouth,
Screaming joy,
The smoke enlarges,
The man, half-mad, dancing
The smoke fading,
Growing smaller,

Blue, endless sea,
Stretching lazy to the horizon,
A man sitting head in hands,
Watching, watching the horizon,
The sun white hot, spinning,
A blue sky and miles of sea.

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