The Atom

Among the first to decry unrestrained nuclear buildup and testing, L. Ron Hubbard remains one of history’s most potent voices for the sane management of atomic energy. His landmark series of lectures on the subject entitled, All About Radiation, still stands as the definitive word on both what the atom bomb represents in terms of civilization’s gravest threat and the ultimate solution to that threat. An early student of atomic energy himself, he was further the first to delineate precisely how the radioactive particle impacts upon the human cellular structure. With subsequent research through the 1950s, he pioneered the use of the B vitamin, niacin, as a catalytic for “running out” radiation exposure. This LRH discovery and others following from it have been used with enormous success by those exposed to excessive levels of radiation.

Written in the late 1940s, “The Atom,” offers one of the sharpest condemnations of what he aptly dubbed an instrument of hysteria and societal control.

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