The Alaska Chief was a sturdy ship
With a burthen forty tons
She sailed the icy northern seas
To work the salmon runs

She sailed the waves from Hecate Straights
To the north of Dundas Bay
And ever worked and never failed
Throughout the night and day.

The Alaska Chief was sixty feet
Her beam was just fourteen
She drew a fathom mark and two
and cut the water clean.

She worked the sea and stormy shore
Thru rip and tidal swell
Till came the day a gas tank leaked
Sad rang the Lutine bell.

The Alaska Chief was on the job
The first of the cannery fleet
To do the first of the season’s work
And she was clean and sweet.

The sun was yet an hour from dawn
For the first of June was breaking
Her westing off the Dover shore
The Alaska Chief was making.

Her crew of five with skipper brave
They saw the slow dawn making
They looked ahead to seamen’s work
Nor thought of hearts soon breaking


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